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19+ Typescript Project Ideas From Beginner To Advance | 2024

If you want to get good at TypeScript, the best way is to practice by building things. In my 5 years of software development experience, this has been the most important lesson I’ve learned. 

While reading books and taking online courses is fine, you’ll forget a lot of what you’ve learned unless you actually use it. 

That’s why it’s crucial to work on projects and keep practicing. If you’re looking for some fun ideas for TypeScript projects, you’re in the right place. 

These projects are chosen carefully to suit both beginners and those with some experience in TypeScript.

But before this, lets first know how you can choose your project ideas based on your coding skills and then we move to project ideas.

How To Choose Typescript Project Ideas According To Your Coding Skills

Picking TypeScript projects that match your skills means figuring out how good you are at TypeScript and finding projects that suit your level.

You want projects that you can handle now but also ones that will help you get better. Here’s a simple guide to help you pick TypeScript projects based on what you know.

  • Figure out how well you know TypeScript basics and the tools you’ve used.
  • Decide if you’re just starting, know some, or are really good at TypeScript.
  • Choose projects that match your level, like a basic app if you’re new, a web store if you’re in the middle, or a social network if you’re advanced.
  • Go for projects that teach you new stuff about TypeScript.
  • Divide your project into small tasks and set goals you can actually reach.
  • Join groups where developers share tips, ask questions, and work together.

19+ Typescript Project Ideas From Beginner To Advance In 2024

Here are 21 TypeScript project ideas divided into three categories: beginner, intermediate, and advanced level. Each project idea will be explained, and I’ll also mention the key concepts covered, and what i have learned from that project.

Beginner-Level Typescript Project Ideas

1. Todo App

A simple web application to create, manage, and track tasks or to-do items.

Key Concepts:

  • TypeScript setup
  • Components
  • State management
  • User interaction 

What I have learned:

This project helped me learn TypeScript basics, like how to set it up and use it for making things on the web. It’s good for starting out and making something useful.

2. Weather App

An application that fetches and displays weather data based on the user’s location or a specified city. This project involves working with APIs, data fetching, and rendering dynamic content. 

Key Concepts:

  • API integration
  • Data fetching
  • Type definitions
  • Component rendering. 

What I have learned:

I made this app to learn how to get weather data from the internet and show it on a webpage. It’s great for learning how to handle data that comes in at different times.

3. Markdown Editor

A web-based editor that allows users to write and preview Markdown content. This project covers text manipulation, parsing, and rendering.

Key Concepts: 

  • String manipulation
  • Regular expressions
  • Rendering HTML from Markdown. 

What I have learned:

This project taught me how to change text and show it on a webpage. I got better at understanding how to make text look nice on the web.

4. Expense Tracker

A simple application to track and manage personal expenses. This project involves form handling, data storage, and basic calculations. 

Key Concepts:

  • Handling
  • Data storage (local or remote)
  • Calculations

What I have learned:

Making this app helped me learn how to handle money stuff on a webpage, like keeping track of what I spend. It also taught me some basic math.

5. Quiz App

A web application that presents a series of questions and keeps track of the user’s score. This project covers conditional rendering, state management, and user interactions. 

Key Concepts

  • Conditional rendering
  • State management
  • User interactions. 

What I have learned:

I built this app to get better at showing different questions and answers on a webpage. It’s a fun way to practice making things interactive.

6. Currency Converter

A simple application that converts one currency to another based on current exchange rates. This project involves working with APIs and performing calculations.

Key Concepts

  • API integration
  • Data fetching
  • Calculations

What I have learned:

This project helped me learn how to use numbers from the internet to do calculations on a webpage, like changing money from one currency to another.

7. Pomodoro Timer

A productivity tool that follows the Pomodoro Technique, allowing users to set work and break intervals. This project covers timers, event handling, and user interface design. 

Key Concepts

  • Timer implementation
  • Event handling
  • UI design.

What I have learned:

I made this to help with time management. It helped me learn how to make a timer work on a webpage and how to make things look nice.

7 Intermediate-Level Typescript Project Ideas

8. E-commerce Shopping Cart

A web application that simulates an online shopping experience, including browsing products, adding items to a cart, and processing orders. 

Key Concepts

  • Component architecture
  • State management
  • Form handling
  • Data persistence

What I have learned:

I built this to understand how online stores work. It taught me about organizing things on a webpage and keeping track of what people want to buy.

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9. Real-time Chat Application

A web application that enables real-time communication between users through a chat interface. 

Key Concepts

  • WebSockets
  • Real-time data transfer
  • User authentication.

What I have learned:

This project showed me how to make instant messaging work on a webpage. It also taught me about making sure only the right people can talk to each other.

10. Task Management Tool

A project management application that allows users to create, assign, and track tasks within teams or projects. 

Key Concepts

  • User authentication
  • Data persistence
  • Task scheduling
  • Team collaboration

What I have learned:

I made this to learn about organizing tasks for a team. It showed me how to plan what needs to be done and who’s doing it.

11. Blog Platform

A content management system (CMS) that allows users to create, publish, and manage blog posts, categories, and comments.

Key Concepts

  • Content management
  • User authentication
  • Data persistence
  • WYSIWYG editor integration

What I have learned:

Building this helped me learn about making websites where people can write and share stuff. It showed me how to save what people write and make it look good.

12. Movie Recommendation System

An application that suggests movies to users based on their preferences, ratings, and viewing history. 

Key Concepts

  • Recommendation algorithms
  • Data analysis
  • Machine learning integration

What I have learned:

I made this to understand how websites suggest things to watch. It taught me about using math to guess what people might like.

13. Social Media Platform

A web application that allows users to create profiles, share posts, follow other users, and interact through comments and likes. 

Key Concepts

  • User authentication
  • Data persistence
  • Real-time updates
  • Social network features. 

What I have learned:

This project helped me learn how to make a website where people can connect and share things. It showed me how to keep things updated in real-time.

14. Inventory Management System

An application that helps businesses manage their inventory, track stock levels, and handle orders and shipments. 

Key Concepts

  • Data persistence
  • Reporting
  • Inventory management workflows

What I have learned:

I built this to learn about keeping track of stuff in a store. It taught me how to organize and save information about things people buy and sell.

Advanced Level Typescript Project Ideas

15. Single-Page Application (SPA) Framework

Develop a lightweight framework for building single-page applications with TypeScript, focusing on component architecture, routing, and state management. 

Key Concepts

  • Component architecture
  • Routing
  • State management
  • Performance optimization

What I have learned:

This project challenged me to make a faster way to build websites. It taught me about making big websites that feel like one page.

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16. Real-time Collaboration Suite

A set of applications that enable real-time collaboration features like document editing, whiteboards, and video conferencing. 

Key Concepts

  • WebRTC
  • Real-time data synchronization
  • Collaborative editing

What I have learned:

I made this to help people work together on the internet. It showed me how to make things work at the same time for different people.

17. Online Game Platform

A web platform that hosts and allows users to play various types of games, including multiplayer games. 

Key Concepts

  • WebSockets
  • Real-time updates
  • Game logic
  • Multiplayer support. 

What I have learned:

Building this taught me how to make games that lots of people can play together. It showed me how to make games work smoothly online.

18. Decentralized Application (DApp)

A decentralized application built on a blockchain platform, focusing on features like smart contracts, cryptocurrency integration, and secure data storage. 

Key Concepts

  • Blockchain technology
  • Smart contracts
  • Cryptocurrency integration
  • Decentralized data storage. 

What I have learned:

I made this to understand how to keep things secure on the internet without a central authority. It showed me how to store data safely.

19. Progressive Web App (PWA)

A web application that can be installed on a user’s device and provides an app-like experience with features like offline functionality, push notifications, and background sync. 

Key Concepts

  • Service workers
  • Caching strategies
  • Push notifications
  • Background sync

What I have learned:

This project helped me make websites that work even when there’s no internet. It taught me how to make websites act more like apps.

20. Machine Learning-powered Application

An application that leverages machine learning algorithms to provide features like image recognition, natural language processing, or predictive analytics. 

Key Concepts

  • Machine learning integration
  • Data preprocessing
  • Model training
  • Deployment 

What I have learned:

I made this to learn how computers can learn from data. It showed me how to make computers guess things based on what they’ve learned.

21. Internet of Things (IoT) Platform

A platform that enables communication and data exchange between various IoT devices, sensors, and applications. 

Key Concepts

  • IoT protocols
  • Device communication
  • Data processing
  • Real-time monitoring

What I have learned:

Building this helped me learn about connecting everyday things to the internet. It showed me how to make things talk to each other in real-time.

These project suggestions offer lots of different ideas for developers to learn and practice TypeScript. They’re made to help you improve your TypeScript skills at different levels. 

Each project is meant to challenge you and make you better at TypeScript. Plus, you’ll get to explore different technologies and ideas used in web development today.

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9+ Must-Know Tips To Make Your TypeScript Projects

Here are some easy-to-understand tips to help make your TypeScript projects successful:

  1. Follow the Rules: Stick to the best practices for TypeScript. This means organizing your files properly, writing code neatly, and using things like interfaces and classes smartly.
  1. Use Helpful Tools: TypeScript comes with useful tools like its compiler and language service. You can also use other tools like TSLint or ESLint to check your code and make sure it’s good.
  1. Write Neat Code: Keep your code clean and easy to understand. Don’t repeat yourself, and follow some key principles like splitting your code into manageable parts.
  1. Label Types Correctly: Make good use of TypeScript’s type system. Label your variables, functions, and return values with the right types. This helps catch mistakes early and keeps your code easy to work with.
  1. Be Strict: Turn on TypeScript’s strict mode in your settings. This makes TypeScript check your code more thoroughly for errors.
  1. Use Outside Help: There are lots of libraries and frameworks out there that work well with TypeScript. They can speed up your work and give you access to a wealth of knowledge.
  1. Test Your Code: Write tests to make sure your code works as it should. This helps prevent problems and makes it easier to change things later on.
  1. Automate Processes: Set up tools that automatically test and deploy your code. This helps catch mistakes early and makes deploying your project smoother.
  1. Explain Your Code: Write comments or use tools like JSDoc to explain what your code does. This helps others understand your code better.
  1. Stay Updated: Keep your TypeScript and other tools up-to-date. This ensures you’re using the latest features and fixes.
  1. Learn Advanced Features: Explore the advanced features of TypeScript to write better code.
  1. Consider Alternatives: Look into other tools like Babel or Sucrase to see if they fit your needs better.

By following these tips, you can make your TypeScript projects more likely to succeed, with better code, smoother teamwork, and easier development.

If you’d like to have a PDF file of these Typescript project ideas, just click the link below to download it.

Download Typescript Project ideas PDF File 2024

Wrap Up

Starting TypeScript projects isn’t just about learning the language – it’s also a way to dive deep into web development. 

With carefully chosen projects for all skill levels, developers can practice while making real apps. Each project teaches important stuff and gets harder as you go, helping you get better at TypeScript.

Plus, the tips given help you do well in TypeScript projects. They include things like following good rules and using helpful tools, making your work easier and better.

Remember, learning TypeScript isn’t just about finishing projects. It’s about the journey and how it changes you. So let’s get into TypeScript projects, ready to face challenges, grow, and discover all the cool things you can do in web development.


How does TypeScript differ from programming languages like Java or C#?

While TypeScript is similar to Java and C# because it’s statically typed, it also has the flexibility and dynamic features of JavaScript. TypeScript can easily be turned into JavaScript code, which makes it work well with existing web development tools and gives extra safety and helps people work more efficiently.

Can I use TypeScript with my current JavaScript projects?

Yes, you can! TypeScript works well with JavaScript. You don’t have to rewrite all your code at once. Just change your “.js” files to “.ts” and begin adding TypeScript features step by step.

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