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Marketing is an essential task for each business out there. Marketing not only helps to promote goods & services. It also helps in improving brand image and customer engagement. Various core business activities are linked to a good marketing plan. 

What Is Marketing?

Marketing is the process through which a corporation promotes the purchase or sale of a product or service. Advertising, selling, and delivering things to customers or other businesses are all examples of marketing.

B2B marketing, C2C marketing, Email marketing, content marketing, consumer marketing, B2C marketing, etc., are effective marketing strategies. It uses in different marketing platforms by marketers. Crafting your marketing messages and interacting with people must be done intentionally.

Definition Of Marketing

Now take a look at the definition of marketing given by the AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

There are many reasons which explain why marketing is important. Now, straightly jump into the importance of marketing in every organization.

Why Is Marketing Important?

Marketing plays an important role in everyone’s daily life. Without marketing, it isn’t easy to promote and sell your products or services effectively. Making money is the first goal of any business, and marketing is a key component to achieving it. Apart from this, without marketing, many companies wouldn’t survive because marketing is what eventually leads to sales.

To gain visibility and draw in more customers, incorporating search engine optimization into your marketing strategies and plans is essential. It is important to provide excellent products and services to align with your marketing strategies. Your marketing efforts and other facts will help put your small business on the map.

4 Reasons Why Is Marketing Important To Society

Provides Employment

Marketing is a full-packed process that includes various departments. It includes all the activities from manufacturing the product to selling the product. To execute all these activities, there is a need for a bunch of people. Hence, marketing helps in creating jobs. There are so many organizations that are exclusively providing marketing services only. Those companies need marketing specialists only.

Increases Standard Of Living

Marketing provides jobs, hence increasing the earning power of loyal customers. With the help of more earnings, spending will also increase. As people will be able to spend more, they will tend to buy good quality products. Also, through advertisements, people get to know various products at reasonable prices. So they can select the best one at a reasonable price. This is how marketing helps to increase the standard of living.

Consumer Awareness

Marketing spreads awareness regarding products. Now everything is transparent between customers and producers. Customer exploitation used to be done in earlier days. But marketing has helped society to know the actual scenario. Customers of today’s era are much more aware than before.

Increases National Income

Every economy revolves around manufacturing and finance. Marketing includes manufacturing and finance and all other activities which are to be done by people. Marketing increases the income of an individual and eventually increases national income.

6 Reasons Why Marketing Is Important For Business?

Let’s know the reason why marketing is important to business.

It Notifies

Marketing helps in educating your customers about your product. You undoubtedly know the ins and outs of your produce. But do your customers know? If you want to sell your product, people should know what it does and how it works. For example, by using a text messaging app with a carrier lookup tool you can notify and send a push notification directly to your customer’s mobile numbers.

It Equates

Today is the era of the digital world. Digitalization has taken over traditional practices. Due to this innovation, digital marketing is the new normal now. Digital marketing has reduced the cost of marketing drastically. Due to less cost, small businesses are also thriving. It helps in equalizing with big organizations.

It Sustains

Marketing is said to be the food of the organization, not medicine. It is supposed to sustain the organization’s presence instead of being a remedy for lack of engagement. Also, it helps to maintain a long-lasting relationship with customers. It enables the business to flourish in the long run.

It Engages

Customer engagement is the heart of any successful organization. Marketing helps the organization to engage with customers even after they walk out of the door. If a customer enters your store, you keep interacting with them and engaging them. But now customers want engagement outside the store also. Here enters the marketing, which provides the content to them to keep engaging even after store hours.

It Sells

The main aim of any organization is to earn money. Marketing helps organizations reach this goal. Selling is the core activity of making money. Marketing allows firms to sell their goods & services. Experts have said that without marketing, organizations wouldn’t have survived. Because marketing is the only activity that drives leads.

It Expands

If you wantto grow or develop your business, then only marketing can help. However, your main priority should be your current customers. But marketing can help you expand your customers. Little efforts like social media posts or email campaigns can boost your customer base like a rocket if done right.

The above explained are the most important reasons why marketing is important for any organization. Marketing is one of the essential factors that help an organization to work, grow and expand.

Now that we have discussed the benefits of marketing for the organization. Let’s take a look at the impact of marketing on the economy.


  • Effective marketing helps in promoting goods & services in the target market. It targets potential customers to convert them into buyers with high-quality products.
  • More buyers will lead to an increase in sales of goods & services of a particular organization.
  • Higher the sales, the higher the chances of expansion with a common product design.
  • The expansion of organizations brings more jobs for ordinary people, More tax revenue for governments.
  • If there are more job opportunities and more revenue for the government, it will lead to overall economic growth.
  • The marketing industry itself creates jobs and wealth. As businesses seek new and innovative ideas to promote their goods and services.

There are lots of benefits of marketing for companies as well as the economy. Marketing sounds very simple but consists of many tasks. Marketing is a whole process consisting of various activities.

Now let’s take a case study showing how marketing is important for any organization.


Airbnb is an American company that works as an online platform for accommodations, mainly homestays for holiday rentals and tourism. In San Francisco, California, Airbnb was established in 2008 by Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk, and Joe Gebbia. 

Marketing has played a massive role in building the brand image of Airbnb. Especially social media platforms were the reason for the boom. 

They started a campaign on social media in January 2015. This campaign was around the hashtag #OneLessStranger. Through this campaign, they were doing a global social experiment.

In this campaign, 

Airbnb asked the people to do a random act of hospitality to a stranger, make a video, and share it using the hashtag.

After just three weeks of launch, over 3,000,000 people around the globe made a video or were talking about this campaign.


Marketing processes consist of four elements:

Strategic marketing analysis

A sort of analysis that involves market research is strategic marketing analysis. In this study, the marketer examines customer-related data. He or she also researches competitors to come up with new methods. Making a company plan is quite similar to doing a strategic marketing study. It’s like a blueprint that has to be followed further.

Marketing mix planning

Marketing mix planning includes planning about the four Ps. Those four P’s include:

  • Product: It is the main hero of the whole plan. It includes the goods and the services offered by the company.
  • Place: This planning includes the distribution method to be adopted by the company.
  • Price: This includes the amount of money that customer service will pay for the product.
  • Promotion: This planning includes communicating the product to the target audience.

Marketing implementation

It is taking the plan and executing it with your team members. Deadlines are set, and marketers seek help through collaborations. No planning is worth it without a proper implementation strategy.

A smart marketing implementation plan also helps you to prioritize your initiatives and avoid delays in critical work. In brief, your marketing implementation strategy will help you specify your team’s tasks in specific timeframes and bring your marketing plan to live in the most effective way possible.

Marketing control

Marketing control includes monitoring the whole plan. In this step, the marketer monitors each activity. If he finds any problem, then he takes corrective action accordingly.

Marketing control helps marketing managers to know about the actual situation and performance of an organization in a particular market. It shows the difference between actual results and desired results. If the difference is negative, corrective actions are taken to improve the performance or vice versa.

Why marketing is important in business?

  • Promoting products and services is an efficient method of connecting with customers.
  • It helps to create a connection between customers and businesses.
  • Marketing is most helpful in building and creating good relationships. It maintains the company’s reputation.
  • Through marketing, the management team has access to data that will aid them in making wise decisions.


Marketing plays a vital role in any organization, and it’s most important for a successful business. A company without marketing is like a train without a railway line. It won’t move ahead. In this blog, we have discussed some crucial reasons why marketing is important in any organization. I hope this blog was helpful to you. Many students seek help for their college projects on these types of topics. If you are also looking for such assistance, we provide marketing assignment help online. You can gain our experts’ knowledge for your college assignments.


Why is marketing bad for society?

We all know marketing is a very important activity for any organization as well as the economy. But every activity has its positive as well as negative impact. Additionally, it helps create awareness but it has its impact on society as well. 

It is bad for society because of the following reasons:

  1. Marketing gives us an inferiority complex

Companies often show us a typical ideal life through advertisements. These types of advertisements make us hate our ordinary lifestyle.

  1. Marketing makes us think that everything can be bought

Through marketing, companies make us feel, everything can be bought with money. They insert a thought in our mind that everything is available if you have money. And this depicts a message that money is the measure of success.

  1. Marketing makes us relate our happiness with consumerism

Through advertisements, we think that we will be happy if we buy a particular product. Advertisements promise you happiness in return for payment of money. 

What are methods of market research?

Market research is done to know the current market trends among consumers. It is done to make strategies for the future. There are five basic methods through which a marketer can do market research.

  1. Survey method
  • In-person surveys.
  • Telephone surveys. Get support from landline providers for more security.
  • Mail surveys.
  • Online surveys.
  1. Focus groups

A moderator starts a discussion within a group of people of the same interest area.

  1. Personal interviews.

In this method, the marketer does a one-to-one interaction to know the consumer.

  1. Observation.

In this method, a person uses his observation skills and scans the market trends.

  1. Field trials.

In this method, new products are distributed to a few stores to get the customers’ feedback.