A brief description of the study procedures—how did they do this study



A concise summary of the information provided in the news article and the intended audience. Aim for one or two paragraphs. Be sure to cite the news source. Write concise summary of the original research article and the intended audience, no more than one page. Include the following in this summary: A description of the research question or purpose of the study A description of the population that was studied (study participants) A brief description of the study procedures—how did they do this study? A concise description of the major findings reported in the "Results" section of the article An explanation of the public health significance/implications of the findings Write a concise (approximately one-page) summary of your interpretation of the differences between popular media and scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles. Be sure to include whether the research study was the same one discussed in the news article or just on a similar topic.

 What was similar and what was different between the news and original research articles? Did the news article cite the original source? How might this impact the quality of the material? Who is the intended audience (reader) for the news source vs. the research article? What was the takeaway message from the news article vs. the peer-reviewed article? Include your reference list and do your best to follow APA format. Cite the sources within your text where you refer to them, and then include the full references at the end of the paper in alphabetical order.

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