A brief history of the Panera Bread Company assignment help



Case Study Report’s Format

The format for all case study reports is detailed below. In the elaboration of each of these sections,

the student should include concepts from the chapter covered in the course.

I. Introduction

  •  A brief history of the company
  •  Information about the industry
  •  Company mission (stated or implied)
  •  Company objectives (stated and implied)
  •  Company strategies
  •  Complete SWOT analysis (include support)
  •  Financial data for at least three years (As a minimum, include the income

statement, balance sheet, summary, and all the ratios. This is available from

annual reports, Yahoo Finance, etc.)

II. Main Body of the Paper

  •  Statement of Problems and Purpose of analysis (Specify the salient problem, and

explain why selected.)

  •  Identification of strategic alternatives available (a minimum of three mutually

exclusive alternatives: explain logic and feasibility, and give advantages and

disadvantages at the corporate and SBU level).

  •  Recommended strategic alternative
  •  Implementation plan (activity plan) recommended for the company (including

challenges and issues).

  •  Evaluation and control plan

III. Conclusion

  •  Short Summary
  •  Reference section
  •  Support materials for the Company. (Research documentation)

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