A business letter appropriate for the professional workplace



WHAT: Write a business letter appropriate for the professional


HOW: The business letter will be addressed to a classmate(Eric Yang) and will capture

the classmate’s attention;

describe (briefly) the steps of process writing;

present a persuasive argument to motivate the classmate to use steps in the process

writing in the development of his/her written assignments throughout the semester;

demonstrate your knowledge of process writing, your ability to craft a professional

the letter, and your skill at persuading a reader to action.

SO the topic of this letter is why your classmate should use process writing in writing

their assignments for their courses this semester.  While this may seem like an unusual

topic at first, it actually makes a lot of sense.  Imagine that your classmate is a co-

worker- it will be very important that they write in the most convincing and impressive

manner if they are to achieve the company's goals.

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