You have one week to submit the work. That does not mean you should wait until the deadline to submit the work since that may cause traffic on the LMS.





You have one week to submit the work. That does not mean you should wait until the deadline to submit the work since that may cause traffic on the LMS. All works should be submitted by the group leaders. Hence, members of each group are to ensure that their leader uploads the work. The deadline for the submission is Val’s Sunday, 14th February, 2021 by 11:59 PM. The mode of submission is through the LMS. However, you can also submit using either or in case you have challenges with the LMS. Works sent later than that will attract a 10 mark deduction. Works sent 24 hours later than the due date will be marked over 20. Works submitted 48 hours after the deadline will be awarded a zero mark. The total mark for the work is 40.

Each group of each class is supposed to work with their respective questions. Eg. Group A will answer question 1 … Group J will answer question 10. On no account should a different group answer another group’s question. Do not hesitate to alert your lecturer about any issue that comes up through your class representatives. 

Be mindful of plagiarism, grammatical errors, appropriate use of in-texts and do an independent work. Group leaders are to indicate portions worked on by group members and attach it as appendix after the reference page.


Using the evolution of Graphic Communications Group, explain the degree of modernization within the context of the Ghanaian media. 

Assess the Social Responsibility Theory of the press based on current happenings in the Ghanaian media.

Using copious examples, explain the commodification of communication and profitization of the media as a critique of the Libertarian Theory of the press.

The structure of the media system is constantly evolving. Using an identifiable local media entity, explain the evolving phases of the Ghanaian media system. 

With two practical examples each, explain how audience, regulators, and marketers form part of the Ghanaian media system.

Freedom of speech is not an absolute right and must be balanced against right to privacy as well as the general societal interest. How does this warrant the activities of Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ expośes?

The degree of modernization is influenced by four main factors. Identify and explain these factors using relevant examples within the Ghanaian media. 

How does a political system in a particular society affect the functioning ability of the media system in that society? Use contemporary examples. 

How autonomous is the Ghanaian media system from political parties? Justify your position with pertinent examples. 

The Soviet Communist theory advocates for the absolute control of the media by the party. Would you recommend this theory to be practiced in Ghana? Justify your position with practical examples. 

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