A case study is a description of a series of problems, challenges or issues that need to be investigated and solved.



A case study is a description of a series of problems, challenges or issues that need to be investigated and solved. This course uses case studies to provide real-world situations to add a touch of reality to your studies. Case Studies are also used to assess how well you have understood the relevant theories and concept, by your ability to apply these to solve the problems detailed in the case study. Your task is to read, analyze and present a solution to the case studies one at a time. Use the methods below to prepare a written case study response each of the three case studies on pages 500-505 of your text book including the “A Small Job”, “A Large Job”, and “An Inside Job” case studies. You will use this process 3 times, one for each case study. Read one of the case studies completely before trying to analyze the issues. 

 This step is important to gain an overall understanding of the problems at hand and those involved. Read the case study a second time identifying the key elements including events to date, the sequence of events, those involved, big and small connections/relationships, and the facts of the issues/problems. Remembering the theories and concepts from your readings and assignments in the first part of the course, start analyzing the three case studies. Do not just simply describe the problems and/or theories. Instead, analyze them in order to determine issues or ways of doing things differently than presented in the case studies. Make assumptions where needed to fill in any gaps that arise as you analyze the case studies, but be prepared to explain your reasoning in your final documents. Present your analysis of the case including possible solutions to the problems that were not presented in the case study. 

Evaluate the issues/problems in the written response by considering the advantages and disadvantages of each solution in your opinion and documented expert opinions from additional resources. Be sure to include proper implementation practices for installations and the contingency plan for the case studies. Justify your choices in the written response. Provide your response to the case study in the form of a report. Each Case Study should be a minimum 2-3 pages in length, not including any references. Use APA 6th edition style for proper citations. Each Case Study is evaluated against the assignment rubric.

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