a data storage problem of your interest and identify the various pieces of data that should be stored in a database

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You should select a data storage problem of your interest and identify the various pieces of data that should be stored in a database. Then, in the actual Term Project, take it through the normalization process and design the actual database tables (see Assignment Term Paper for complete details of this). You should submit your term project proposal in Week 5 for approval by the instructor and submit the completed work in the final week. A go or no-go decision will be made for the term project subject area. The Proposal for the Term Project, MS Word doc - 500 words minimum, should include: 1) Name and main idea of the project 2) Purpose and goal of the project 3) Possible users and administrators 4) How is this work being done now, without the database and how will the database specifically improve the process 5) Data elements to be involved: entities, attributes (identify at least 3 entities (tables) and 1 relationship you feel at this point should exist between two of those entities). 6) Platform to be used: what type of database. (i.e. Short term will use MS Access, for ease of use and prototyping but long term will switch to a more robust platform like MS SQL, or Oracle, or remain in MS Access) 7) Other related points HINT: Review the examples on pages 4-7, consider subsets or smaller, simpler projects of your own that would require 3 tables and one relation between those tables. Keep your project contained and small – it does not need to be a project for a large company or for a large database. Three entities would be sufficient. The submission must be a Word compatible file, attached to this assignment box.

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