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Select ONE of the topics below: A marketing campaign needs to do no more than avoid false or misleading claims about the product or service in order to be ethically permissible. Conflicts of interest are unavoidable if accounting firms do not separate the businesses of auditing and financial consulting. Marketing a firm's ethical successes make those successes less meaningful (and less ethical). Using Ethical Theory and Business, ninth edition by Arnold, Beauchamp, Bowie. ISBN-13 978-205-16908-5 Respond to ONE of the discussion statements below and comment on two of your classmates’ posts. These posts should demonstrate engagement with the reading material for the week and well-thought-out claims and arguments. They should be in complete English sentences that are (relatively) free from grammar errors. While you are urged to post more than three times in order to keep a good discussion going for the course, overly brief responses (1-2 sentences) will not count towards your weekly discussion grade. Post your first responses before midnight, Wednesday. Post comments to two other students' responses before midnight, Sunday. Discussion Grading Rubric Online discussions will be graded according to the following rubric. Points Criteria 27-30 Discussion posts are completed on-time; they not only thoughtfully respond to and incorporate course readings when appropriate, but they evidence creative thinking and make a significant contribution to peers’ understanding of the course topics. Moreover, follow-up posts/peer responses clarify and extend the class conversation, demonstrating critical thinking. 23-26 Discussion posts are essentially complete and incorporate, when appropriate, excerpts from the course readings. The initial post is made by due date, and follow-up posts/peer responses engage others in the continued discussion. 19-22 Discussion posts are incomplete, inaccurate, and/or late. Peer response is present but perfunctory, offering little “back” to enhance peers’ understanding. Download Attachment: WK 5 Disc BE.docx

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