A master level critical appraisal of 3000 words The effectiveness of combined therapy for managing asthma and COPD compare:

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A master level critical appraisal of 3000 words. The effectiveness of combined therapy for managing asthma and COPD compare: A- Fluticasone / Salmeterol B- Budesonide / Formoterol C- Formoterol / Fluticasone during comparison we have to look at things like bioavailability, pharmacokinetics, absorption, dissolution rate, the onset of action, patient adherence, and adding cost-effective at the end. Conclusion: i would recommend this combination C based on the factors already discussed bcoz it takes the advantages of both A+B the above was a quick outline, details about the body contents can be discussed later i have the journal articles already as this report should be written as critically as you know and will be checked for plagiarism as well. i already have searched for the journal articles. i can attach them and if you want to do your own search its fine too .. but it must be within the past 10 years journals the attached articles are for comparison between A- Fluticasone/ salmeterol and B-Budesonide / formoterol i can send some more tomorrow bcoz for the whole report i must use 20 journals as references A B and C but i thought it's going to be better if i divided the work into portions so that its easier for u to understand. Im at the uni now .as soon as i get back home i will send u all the articles regarding both parts the attached articles are regarding drug Fluticasone/formoterol part

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