Article on Drug Use in Sport

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Please review my essay, make the proper corrections and make sure I followed each steps of the assignment's instruction.

Below is the assignment's instruction:

This assignment continues to build on the skills we've been working on all term and introduces a couple of new items specific to surveys. Please remember that you are not to distribute these to collect data and that you are not to use the exercise we did in class as a starting point. 

1. Develop a research question

2. Define your sample

3. Develop ten (10) questions for the survey that would aid in answering the research question. (Remember to review the considerations for question creation (both class notes and textbook).)

4. You need to include a minimum of one (1) index question, one (1) scale question, the rest of the questions can be open ended or closed questions, depending on your needs.

5. Identify the variable in each of your questions, operationalize it and classify it (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio).

6. Two peer reviewed items - these can help you frame the general topic, sample, question, types of questions, etc.

7. Individually or partners, 5 pages, double spaced...

Don't forget to include relevant information for the survey portion - introduction, instructions, definitions, etc.

If context would aid in framing your sample, research question etc., then please include a brief introduction to your work.

Assume that demographic questions (for example, gender, age, education level, income, religion, etc.) are already done - create your questions to answer your research question.

Please put a clean copy of your survey in an appendix (before or after your bibliography). 

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