A mock-up of synthesizer front-end interface as shown in Fig.

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1. A mock-up of synthesizer front-end interface as shown in Fig. 

1. Please write a short review (in PDF or Microsoft Word format) about this interface, which summarizes pros and cons from all aspects. There are three parts in this interface: 

1. An oscillator that allows you to choose a fundamental waveform, e.g. square, triangle, etc.; Moreover, there are a few sliders allow user to change some variables of the sound wave. 

2. A filter that allows you to select a certain type of filters such as low-pass filter (LPF) and high-pass filter (HPF); Furthermore, a knob in the middle 1 allows setting the cutoff frequency of either LPF or HPF. Beneath the knob, you can adjust the volume envelops of “attack”, “decay”, “sustain”, and “release” individually by using sliders.

3. A musical keyboard that allows you to play musical notes (to set the pitch of the sound wave). You can see a musical note displayed on each key throughout the entire keyboard, which indicates the corresponding pitch (a frequency value) will be played when clicking. 

2. Build a web-based synthesizer by using Web Audio APIs and other third party JavaScript libraries 

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