A network proposal has to be developed for a manufacturing company

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A network proposal has to be developed for a manufacturing company. The design is an L-shaped building approximately 1500 square feet. They will have 1 reception and 5 offices. Each office employee has a personal printer. They are not using a network to communicate. Currently: President's Office (4), Accounting (3), and Business and HRM (2) Future Plans: HR (6), Accounting (5), and Breakroom (2) They are moving to a larger building 3500 square feet. They are expanding and will add 15 more offices. They will add network printers and wireless network for employees and guest. They will need to share files between departments. You will use the highlighted areas as indicators to help address the needs below. Take into consideration exactly what the project will need and what requirements each bit of information requests and add to the proposal. 

The proposal is similar to a network plan for an organization. Try to approach it with the perspective of a company approaching you as a network professional to construct a design plan for their new network. Design a network for this company to incorporate a network server, printer and wireless network. Provide a security solution for them. Security is addressed in Chapter 7&8 What type of topology? Topologies are addressed in Chapter 1&10 What type of cabling will need to be used? Cabling is addressed in Chapters 4&5 Wireless networks are addressed in Chapter 6 You will need to determine cabling, hardware and software needs. Based on the factors you select above you will determine what these needs are, this section is simply addressing how much, how many, and what kind of materials (cabling, hardware, and software) you choose. Include a timeline and cost analysis for the executives. Here I would estimate a timeline, conducting research on network project timelines will help you develop a realistic timeline. As far as cost analysis goes, I would use well-branded equipment such as Cisco, Foundry, or Brocade. You will need to research their equipment options in order to determine the best product for your network plan, be able to defend your choices; executives should know why you chose one product over another. Additionally, as far as cabling goes I would use well-known sources for this as well such as a black box. TEMPLATE SECTION I: Executive Summary for Proposal Here you will provide an overview of the problem and resolution. Delete these instructions when complete SECTION II: Topology Here you will provide a topology of how the network will be designed. Use Figures 1-6, 1-12, 1-13, and 1-14 as examples. Delete these instructions when complete SECTION II: Cabling, Hardware, Software Needs Here you will provide your selections for cabling, hardware, and software needs. Delete these instructions when complete SECTION IV: Security Solution Here you will provide your selection for a security solution. Delete these instructions when complete SECTION V: Timeline and Cost Analysis Here you will provide an estimated timeline and cost analysis. Your timeline should include start dates, section completion updates/benchmarks, and estimated dates for final testing/handover project completion. Use the basic timeline feature in word following the path for Insert>SmartArt >Process>Basic Timeline. Your Cost analysis should provide the type of equipment/product, quantity or amount needed, total cost for each item, labour/manpower costs (how many people, for how many hours, for how many days), and total projected cost completed project proposal. Use a table to complete this portion of the section. Delete these instructions when complete SECTION VI: Proposal Here you will provide a detailed explanation of how the problem in the executive summary will be resolved using the equipment and configuration listed in sections II, II, and IV. This portion should also contain information from the topology, cabling, hardware, software needs, security solution, and time and cost analysis sections. This is where you will justify your selections and sell your proposal. Delete these instructions when complete SECTION VII: References Here you will provide your references use APA formatting guidelines and in-text citations if needed. Delete these instructions when complete I just have my text book I am unable to provide that as far as the figures for topology it’s just a star topology or a mesh. 

When she says see chapter 6 for cabling chi 6 just goes over the different types as far as fibre, cat5, Shielded twisted pair and UN shielded. Security is addressed in chapter 7 and 8 talking about firewalls and software programs for viruses https://books.google.dj/books?id=KjadBAAAQBAJ&pg=PA600&lpg=PA600&dq=suppose+you+work+for+a+medium-sized+corporation+with+three+offices,+one+in+california,+one+in+florida,+and+one+in+new+jersey.+for+several+years,+the+company&source=bl&ots=IqJuCpprhD&sig=owKfHwpIXRF9gGPi9BxworKZxv4&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiHlY7l_7PLAhVB_g4KHS20ADwQ6AEIGjAA#v=onepage&q=suppose%20you%20work%20for%20a%20medium-sized%20corporation%20with%20three%20offices%2C%20one%20in%20california%2C%20one%20in%20florida%2C%20and%20one%20in%20new%20jersey.%20for%20several%20years%2C%20the%20company&f=false this is a link to the textbook with the chapters

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