Analysis of Circular tube Heat Exchanger with water and Copper Oxide Nano-Fluid

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Analysis of Circular tube Heat Exchanger with water and Copper Oxide Nano-Fluid

(December 2019)

Hardik Patel, B.E., Ipcowala Institute of Engineering and Technology, Dharmaj, India

Chair of Committee: Dr. William Worek

The purpose of this research is to analyze the heat exchanger using Cuo nano-liquid and water. The impact of nano-liquid and water on heat exchanger is examine using heat effectiveness method. Due to light weight, less volume, minimum volume and high effectiveness heat exchangers has signification role in transportation, nuclear energy, and renewable energy. In this research we determine data for heat exchanger and fluid which used in current industries. In this research we used finned circular tube heat exchanger and copper oxide nano-fluid and water as a fluid. All the required data for the HC calculation is taken out from the Compact Heat Exchanger book by the Kays & London. In this research using different Reynolds number to calculate heat conductivity for nano-fluid and H2O. It is determined by k (heat-conductance) and Nusselt number for appropriate Reynold number. In addition, sizing of heat exchanger and heat exchanger mass flow-rate also calculated. The overall rate of latent heat was compared in the combinations of nano-fluid to air and water to air in both cases it is found that a decrease in Reynolds number gives higher 1/UA for both combinations. To justify the work, the outcomes gained after the presented work are likened with other data available in the literature and good agreement is found.


I am very grateful in the direction of my advisor Dr. William Worek for his continual direction and care during this research project without which this task would not have been possible.  

I would really like to explicit my truthful appreciation to Dr. Mohammad Hossain, for supplying his valuable remarks and guidelines that helped in concluding my research.

I would also like to thank my parents and all my friends for their constant encouragement and inspiration while pursuing my master’s degree and throughout my life.

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