A project manager (PM) leads a team and pushes a project through from start to finish.

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A project manager (PM) leads a team and pushes a project through from start to finish. Being worked as a PM these are some of the skills that I was expected to have and had the opportunity to improve. Strong leadership skill isthe most critical competencies for a PM as guiding a team to the successful execution is their responsibility. They must be capable to motivate the team and to mediate issues that may arise. While some leadership skills are natural, training, mentorship and experience help in toning the ability to perfection. When a PM works on a project, it is not only the team member that he is managing, but he/she is expected to meet the expectations of the stakeholders and keep them on board. Effective Communication is another key skill that a PM should master as he/she spends 90 percent of the time communicating to the project team, sponsors, clients or any other stakeholders. A PM is expected to be a clear and concise communicator who provides honest and prompt details as it builds trust and lends credibility which increases the prospects of success. Communication leads to Negotiation skills which is another important skill as negotiating budgets, schedules, resources and scope of the project all lie within the duties of a PM for which they should invest time to understand the crowd with which they are negotiating. Risk Management can be a core competency in a PM because only a good and experienced PM can predict and find solutions that may arise in a project. An innovative PM always develops the contingency

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