A robust (effective and efficient) financial analysis of California State University, Chico



Only complete Item 3 a and b and 5. 

3. A robust (effective and efficient)  financial analysis of California State University, Chico 

a. The college's financial performance over the last 5 years - focus on meaningful insight of why numbers matter - what is analysis trying to say and why it matters.

b. The impact $5 million would have - show impact when it hits financials.

Use ratios, change in $ and %, component % (of Rev), trend analysis, comparison benchmarking - include data visualization.

This is to be presented in powerpoint - 10 - 12 slides presentation slides awith presentation notes giving details and research to support and 10 - 12 appendi x slides with details.

5. Only need to propose 2 metrics - strategy is to use $5 million to increase retention and drive graduation rates. 

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