A software package that you are familiar with either at work or for personal use

computer science


Identify and discuss a software package that you are familiar with either at work or for personal use. 

Explain what the software is and how it is used.
Briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of the software.
Does it reside on a local computer, or is it Web-based?
Can the software easily be used via a mobile device? Is this even necessary?
Is the human-computer interface intuitive, or does it require extensive training?
Is there training support from your organization or the vendor?
Is there a means to report and correct problems?

How would this software help you in a present or future job situation?

Does the software directly match the business process it supports, or is there a gap between the process and the software? In other words, do people need to use other tools, or can the process be executed completely within the software? Why?

What recommendations would you provide to improve the software you have used?

 my other question is in word doc below 

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