The best approach for the survival of a database design

computer science


Write a 6-page paper on an argument which claims that the best approach for the survival of a database design through time is the consideration for modeling all data as objects following real-life design of objects. For example a tree has certain characteristics which make the object TREE a tree. Why should this matter?

The paper must be double-lined, using no extra lines or extra margins, must have 1" margins all around, use 12-point Arial, Courier, or Times New Roman, and have additional pages as follows:

1. Title page

2. Table of contents page

3. 6 pages of body for your discussion - following scholarly English writing style - with Introduction, thesis, and conclusion, using ample citations to support your discussion - Use APA Style formatting

4. References page(s) - which list the references to your citations - in APA Style formatting

Please refer to the APA Style formatting guide on, or APA Style formatting guides, resources, and help in the APUS digital library

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