All code to be implemented and submitted as a jupyter notebook (.ipynb) file.

computer science


The following guidelines should be followed and will be used to grade your project work: 

• All code to be implemented and submitted as a jupyter notebook (.ipynb) file. 

• This is an individual homework assignment, no group submissions will be accepted. If you discuss in groups, please write your code individually and submit. 

• Sample runs shown in the question should be used as a guide for implementation. However extensive testing needs to be done on your code to deal with all test cases that might possibly be executed. • The instructions for running of each cell and the expected results should be documented in the cell preceding the code using markdown language. 

• Every code segment in the jupyter notebook cells should be well documented with comments. Use # in the code to provide comments and they should explain the algorithm and what the code segment is doing. 

• Error checking in your code is very important and differentiates a high quality programmer from a low quality one. Hence you should account for invalid user inputs, infinite loops, out of range results, etc. and resolve them by appropriate error messages. The homework will be graded for robustness of your code. 

• Please read each assignment carefully. Note that you need to test your code with example input files. I will be using my own test input file to test your code. DO NOT hard code file names in your program.

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