Analyze and evaluate qualitative and quantitative research on selected topics in human resources management.



MGNT Research and Analysis Tasks

Objective of the assignmentAnalyze and evaluate qualitative and quantitative research on selected topics in human resources management.



  1. Source an article which focuses on the assigned topics indicated below. Be sure to identify/cite  the source of your research, including title, authors, date of publication, etc. 

  2. Write an analysis of the article which includes the following information:

a) SUMMARY OF THE RESULTS (What did they research? How? Etc.) (4 points)

b) KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM THE ARTICLE (What were the findings of the research? What are the key points the article is asserting?) (8 points)

c) YOUR ASSESSMENT OF THE ARTICLE (How can this be applied to human resources management? What is the signif5icance of the information you obtained on human resources management?) (8 points)

  1. You will share the content of your summary with some of your peers in small “Round Table” discussions; as a group, you will then decide which article to share with the class as a whole

  2. Hand in the hard copy at the end of class on the assigned due date. You do not need to submit a copy online; the hard copy is sufficient.

Suggested sources: any reliable human resources source, such as SHRM, Deloitte Insights, etc. or any reliable business or news periodical, such as Bloomberg Business Week, Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, etc.

  • Articles should be less than two years old, if possible

  • Articles can be sourced from either print or online

(Total assignment minimum length: 2 pages)


Topics and due dates:

  • Research on Healthy Work Environment (Chapter 12) Source and analyze an article which explores research on an aspect of healthy work environment, such as trends in healthy workplace management, work-life balance, wellness programs, employee burnout, workplace violence. 

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