Why did you choose to explore this occupation or graduate school opportunity?



: Professional Skills & Focused Career Research


Step 1: Conduct Research


1.      Choose a career opportunity you are interested in, or that you would like to do more research into (e.g., a professional job or a graduate school program).


2.      Read about the career opportunity on Labour Market websites OR school program websites. Some labour market resource examples (and you are welcomed to find others):

·         Government of Canada Trend Analysis - https://www.jobbank.gc.ca/trend-analysis

·         O*Net Online - https://www.onetonline.org/

·         BC Labour Market Outlook Reports - https://www.workbc.ca/labour-market-industry/b-c-s-economy/forecasting-the-labour-market.aspx


3.      Research the professional practices around this career opportunity. List or write about the identified professional standards (Don’t forget to include the source of information!)

·         Is there a professional association or governing body for this career (e.g., Canadian Professional Counselors Association)?

·         Does a Standard of Practice exist for this career?

·         Find job postings/descriptions (in Canada) and look at skills/duties required.


Step 2: Written Reflection (up to 500 words)

·         Why did you choose to explore this occupation or graduate school opportunity?

·         Having conducted this research (labour market and professional practices), has your interest in this opportunity change? Why or why not?

·         How does this career opportunity align with your identified values?

·         What did you learn about the labour market outlook for your career opportunity? What did you learn about its professional practice?

·         What would the next steps be for transitioning into this field? What other career fields came up for you throughout this activity?




Refer to the Workplace Readiness Grading scale in the course syllabus. Your assignment will be evaluated on the following:

1.      Your ability to follow each of the steps and respond to the instructions

2.      Quality of Career Research

a.      Is the occupation/graduate school program described thoroughly?

b.      Is the labour market information current?

c.       Were professional organizations researched or were professional practices identified?

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