Article on Geophysical Research.

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The article is "How predictable is the timing of a summer ice-free Arctic?" by A. Jahn, J.E. Kay, M.M. Holland, and D.M. Hall. Download here: Jahn_et_al-2016-Geophysical_Research_Letters.pdf

Write a 500-600 word essay about the article including comments on at least three of the following:

  • The main idea/thesis of the article.
  • Some results and conclusions.
  • Anything you found confusing or contradictory.
  • Your reaction to the article (e.g., quality of research, impact of results, etc.) 

We recommend that you write your essay in a word processor program. Then when you are ready to enter your essay, click on the "Submit Assignment" button in the upper right. At that point you can cut and paste from your word processor into the text box provided. 

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