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Joan is a 65 year old recently widowed woman of Native-American descent.  Joan was

born and raised on an Arizona reservation.  She met her husband in the military and

the couple travelled all over the world. They never had children and Joan’s life was

filled with experiential depth of the many countries and communities that she lived in

over the past 45 years.  

Since her husband’s death 6 months ago, Joan finds that all

she has known has ended. She finds no meaning or purpose in life anymore.

Please identify which concepts you are using by underlining or bolding that concept

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The primary task of the existential therapist is to foster genuineness with an

emphasis on living authentically and responsibly while addressing questions

of meaning, creativity and love. Considering two (2) of the basic concepts on

pages 266-269, discuss how you might work with Joan

Basic Concepts

Existentialists regard people as meaning-making beings who are both subjects of expe- rience

and objects of self-reflection. We are mortal creatures who, because we are self- aware, know

that we are mortal. Yet it is only in reflecting on our mortality that we can learn how to live.

People ask themselves questions concerning their being: Who am I? Is life worth living? Does it

have a meaning? How can I realize my humanity? Existential- ists hold that, ultimately, each of

us must come to terms with these questions, and each of us is responsible for who we are and

what we become.

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