As a sector analyst for one of the regional banks, you are responsible for reviewing and analyzing data to determine trends.

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Operating Systems: Analyzing Market Share

As a sector analyst for one of the regional banks, you are responsible for reviewing and analyzing data to determine trends. Your analyses are used by bankers to inform prospective and current clients of possible investment opportunities. Currently, you are looking at the market trends of operating systems and have obtained historical market share data for mobile/tablet operating systems in the U.S., global market share data for desktop and table operating systems, and market share data for all operating systems for select countries around the world. You will chart the data to determine trends.

You will use the following skills as you complete this activity:

·         Create an Area Chart

·         Add a Shape to a Chart

·         Create a Map Chart

·         Create a 2-D Pie Chart

·         Create Sparklines

·         Apply formats and filters to charts



1.      Open TIA_Ch5_Start and save as TIA_Ch5_LastFirst.

2.      Create a 2-D Area chart using data in the range A3:G7.

Hint: Charts are on the Insert tab in the Chart group. Click Insert Line or Area Chart.

3.      Modify the chart as follows:

a.       Position the chart so it fills cells J2:S19

b.      Add a title: Change in Mobile OS Market Share 2013-2018. Place 2013-2018 on a separate line.

Hint: Place insertion point before 2013 and press Shift + Enter to place dates on separate line.

c.       Change the font size of 2013-2018 to 10.

d.      Filter out the Others and Windows data so only Android and iOS data displays.

Hint: Use the Chart Filters icon (the Funnel) on the right of the chart. Uncheck Windows and Others. Click Apply.

4.      Add a Callout: Line shape to the chart with the line pointing at the top of the orange area between 2014 and 2015.

Hint: Callout: Line is in the Callouts section in the Insert Shape group on the Format Chart Tools tab.

5.      Add text to the callout: Android Market Share Takes Off!

6.      Format the callout with Subtle Effect - Gold, Accent 4 Shape Style.

7.      Create a 2-D Pie chart using the ranges A15:A21 and G15:G21.

Hint: Select A15:A21, then press the Ctrl key while selecting G15:G21.

8.      Modify the chart as follows:

a.       Add a title: Operating System 2018 Global Market Share

b.      Use Quick Layout 1 to add data % and Series data labels to each data point.

Hint: Quick Layouts are on the Chart Tools Design tab in the Chart Layouts group. 

c.       Move the chart so it is on its own worksheet. Label the worksheet Global OS.

Hint: Use Move Chart on the Chart Tools Design Tab. Do not copy and paste.

9.      On the Data worksheet, add a Column Sparkline to cell range H16:H21 using the data in range B16:G21. Increase the width of column H to 12.

10.  Create a Filled Map Chart from the data in ranges A26:A39 and D26:D39. Place the chart to fill the range I26:S45. Add a title: 2018 Android Market Share by Country

a.       Click Chart Elements and add Data Labels

11.   Save the document and submit based on your instructor’s directions.

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