As an administrator, you recorded the requests from different locations in the sheet below, you may create your own sheet.

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Assignment Instructions

Using MS Excel, create a new workbook with the following  (Save as w7_firstname_lastname.xlsx or w7_firstname_lastname.xls).

As an administrator, you recorded the requests  from different locations  in the sheet below, you may create your own sheet. You need to explain the collected data.  In the table below,  you have the requests against the locations.

 Software Installation requests Software Update requestsHardware  Installation requests



You can use any data gathering for your choice

Create at least 5 statistical functions and graphs relating to the data.

From the data discuss the trend (your conclusion, what does this data mean for your planning), You can use the question of  "What if... then"

https:// . com/en-us/article/Introduction-to-What-If-Analysis-22bffa5f-e891-4acc-bf7a-e4645c446fb4

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