Assignment 3:Adult Learning Theory postings uploaded by other classmates in your group. You do not need to read the postings from the entire class.



Assignment 4:Comment on a Posting

1. Read: Assignment 3:Adult Learning Theory postings uploaded by other classmates in your group. You do not need to read the postings from the entire class.

2. Compose and Post: Select at least one other group mate’s posting (try to choose postings that do not already have a response). You are only required to respond to one person, but you can respond to multiple people if you wish. Develop a thoughtful and unique response to this posting. Include positive and respectful commentary that contributes to meaningful discussion. Aim to be both factually correct and reflective. Did a classmate provide an insight you hadn't considered until now? Perhaps someone used a personal example that resonated with your own experience as an adult learner? Or are you noticing some common themes or relationships?

Use references to the textbook or personal experience to support your comments.

3. Post your assignment on the Discussion Board so your group members can read it, and upload a copy of your posting to the Assignment 4 dropbox. Use both your name and the name of the person you responded to in the title. This assignment will be graded in the dropbox.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this assignment, you should be able to:

1.  Reflect on various assumptions and models of adult learning as presented by your classmates and synthesize your own learning with their views and experiences.

2.  Extend your present thinking about adult learning to include alternative ideas and new understandings.


In this assignment you have the opportunity to participate in an online interaction with a group of your classmates. Meaningful discussions can take place, even online, and be very productive way of learning. Ideally interacting with your classmates will extend your present thinking, introduce you to alternative ideas, and expedite new understandings. This process should help you to integrate the literature on adult education and development with your own views and experiences.

Components of Assignment 4:

You will write a short (200-400 words, double spaced, 12 font, 1 margins) document, which includes an introduction and a conclusion. Create your document in a word processing program (eg. Word), and use the word count tool to calculate your assignment length. Provide citations in the text and reference list at the end of your posting using APA (5th or 6th ed.) style. You will submit this assignment as a posting on the discussion forum, by copying and pasting from your word processed document. In addition you will upload this assignment to the assignment 4 dropbox for grading. This assignment is worth 10% of your total grade. Please refer to the rubric (marking guide) below along with the Learning Objectives.


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