Augmented Reality (AR) is a rapidly-emerging digital technology



Part 1: Digital Innovation

Augmented Reality (AR) is a rapidly-emerging digital technology that has evolved from the minds of science fiction writers to something set to transform organisational life. For this part of the assessment find an article that describes an innovative application of AR to an organisational/management setting of your choice. Critically, review the innovation in terms of its ability to increase productivity in this setting. Comment on whether it meets the criteria for an “open-Innovation”? Please ensure you use examples in your answer . 

 (some Visualization)

1000 words

Part 2: Analytics 

a)      Thinking about the organisational you work for or that you know well, select two data analytics techniques covered in the module. Then for each technique, give an example of how the technique could be used in your organisation and discuss the potential organisational benefit that might be generated from its application. (Predictive analytics- Predix APM

& Descriptive analytics- Clustering – Manufacturing application- Alarm rationalization in our process operation plant helps to identify different alarms, its criticality and its immediate response-


b)      Describe, in general, what analytics opportunities might be relevant to your organisation and discuss the challenges associated with the implementation and adoption of these opportunities.

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