Below you have Phycocyanin molecule. Identify (circle the functional groups on the molecule.



Instruction for candidates

Answer all questions by inserting your answers in this pro-forma. Show all steps of your calculations and show all units! You can handwrite your answers and scan them in if you prefer, but they must be readable. Your completed assignment should be submitted as a Word document via Turnitin (which is embedded on Moodle). Please insert your names on the Header, before submitting the document. Total marks are out of 80.



1.     Below you have Phycocyanin molecule. Identify (circle the functional groups on the molecule.  You can do this in word by using insert/shape/[choose circle],[choose no fill colour]) and name the functional groups present in the molecule.















      [20 marks]



2.     a.    Calculate the Mr of Phycocyanin molecule.


b.     Use the data given below to convert the concentration from mM to mg/ml  and then present your data in a table.


0    mM = 0.004 Abs

1.2 mM = 0.230 Abs

2.4 mM = 0.477 Abs

3.1 mM = 0.710 Abs

3.8 mM = 0.950 Abs



c.       Using Excel, plot a calibration curve for Phycocyanin using four standards and a blank. Plot the calibration curve in concentration units of mg/ml.



[Insert Graph Here] Make sure they are properly labelled and formatted well.


                                                                                                                              [40 marks]


b.     Explain if the trend on the graph follows or does not follow Beer’s Law





[10 marks]




3.     n unknown sample of Phycocyanin was analysed and the absorbance reading given was 0.324. Use the calibration curve you have drawn to find out the amount of Phycocyanin in the sample and present your answer into mM.

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