Bitcoin Digital Currency assignment help

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case study you are asked to critically analyze one of the following topics

1. Advantages and Disadvantages of using Bitcoin Digital Currency

2. The Business of Gaming – case study of your choice related to the successful online game

 FONT: Times New Roman or Arial 12, spacing 2 – refer to APA writing style guidelines on a portal

FORMAT: You have to submit Word Document I do not accept assignments in pdf files.


Your case study should be between 7-8 pages long (including cover page and references) written in Times New Roman / Arial with spacing 2.  You should follow guidelines for finding literature for your academic assignments as posted on your portal

Your case study assignment should include:

Cover page in APA style with title and your name  1PTIntroduction -  1 page

In this section, you will provide background information on your chosen topic. Topic should be placed into wider context  and the overall importance of the chosen topic for both business and society should be analyze  4 POINTS

2.  Case study analysis (3-4 pages)

 In this part you should provide detailed analysis of at least two examples of bitcoin use/ online gaming. Based on your topic your analysis can encompass: history and company background, decision to include bitcoin payment/ develop a game, how the user-base was built, what were the marketing strategies etc.

6 PT

3.  Conclusion (1 page)

3 PT

4. References 1 page – use only credible references and follow APA formatting outline as discussed in class, following the guidelines from the portal.  

1 PT

You should complete the outline with all necessary information in a coherent structure that flows logically. Case study should be understandable and easy to read.


You should not use any information from Wikipedia, and/or list Wikipedia as a reference for your case study. Any use of Wikipedia in the assignment will result in 10 points deduction of your grade (out of 20).


Plagiarism is a serious academic offence. Academic plagiarism is the act, intentional or unintentional, of using other people’s words and ideas as your own. Any assignment that you submit should be the result of your own work.  You should write your case study of your own, and not copy and paste information from articles and websites. All assignments are checked through the TurnitIt In system for academic plagiarism.

Any act of plagiarism will result in receiving 0 points on the assignment.

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