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You are a systems architect and are asked by your manager to write a 4-page essay explaining to the company CTO (Chief Technology officer) the different types of computer system architectures available to choose from and to make a recommendation what your company should adopt. You are not bound by a network size, network requirement, applications, or hardware; feel free to architect for any imaginary company you wish, just be sure to cover the following concepts:  Peer-to-peer architecture  Client/server architecture  Web-based computing  The network and protocols supporting the various architectures Your essay should present a brief explanation of the three types of computer system architectures: peer-to-peer, client/server, and Web-based. The essay should highlight the differences and use case for each. Additionally, it should propose one architecture, explain it in more details, and outline the supporting infrastructure that makes it work end-to-end which may include communication protocols, routers, switches, LAN, and WAN.

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