New days, according to the increase number of diabetic patients in KSA.

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Introduction New days, according to the increase number of diabetic patients in KSA. The needs for SW that provide consulting to maximize the awareness of healthy lifestyle. In addition, to promote a selfmanagement and adaptation to theirs health status. The Chatbot will provide personal and efficient communication between the diabetic patients and their advisors to manage their lifestyle and get assistance when they needed. Such as, creating specific diets and exercises. The chatbot will allow users to feel confident and comfortable when using this service regardless of the user’s computer literacy due to the natural language used in messages. It also provides a very accessible and efficient. 4.2 PROBLEM SOLUTION The proposed solution is to create a chatbot to simulate a human conversation to assist diabetic patient with their status needs and to provide a more personal experience. The chatbot will identify and understand what the diabetic patient is asking and generate an appropriate response based on the conversational context. Immediate responses will be provided by the chatbot to redeem the need for the diabetic patient to have to call or visit their advisor. 4.3 FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS Functional requirements are the features and functionality that the system must have or be able to perform. • Allow unregistered users to register on the website and save their details to the database . • The website must allow users to view information about accounts held by them i.e. Medical history, patient information, diseases, Medicine and drugs(. • The Chat bot will integrate with the WhatsApp business API which will return data about the patients . • The Chat bot will assist patients providing consultants with their queries and carry out appropriate actions such as scheduling appointments phone calls . • Users will be able to converse with the Chat bot through text commands and it will understand what the user is saying through natural language understand in processing provided through the integration of Dialogflow API . • The chat bot should be able to maintain the conversational state when the context may be unclear through previous messages and conversations . • Provide text and video responses. 

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