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Written Assignment #2: Brand Equity

Written assignments will be used to assess students’ application of concepts learned in the

book. Assignments are to be typed, double-spaced with the class number (HSTM 4430), your

name and date on the top of the page.

All papers should be posted via the appropriate assignments link to the instructor by the

deadline. Any late papers will receive a 2 pt. reduction each day that is late. Extenuating

circumstances beyond your control will be taken into consideration only when contact has been

made with the instructor as soon as possible.

Papers should be written using one of two formats: American Psychological Association (APA)

or the Modern Language Association (MLA). Additional tutorials and information on how to write

quality papers can be found online at the Troy University Writing Center,

Objective of Assignment

By using elements presented in the chapter, students will assess the brand strength of various

professional sports franchises or collegiate athletic programs or hospitality/tourism organization

such as hotel, park, etc. You may choose which program you will assess. It may be easier to

assess a professional program because of the availability of information, but feel free to use a

collegiate program as well.

Elements of Assignment

  •  List the program or organization that you have assessed.
  •  Cite any sources of information using one of the two writing styles above (APA or MLA)
  •  Be sure to identify and discuss the concepts discussed in the book/PPT slide (ch.7):

Brand Equity, Brand Awareness, Brand Image, Sources of Brand Association, etc.

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