Briefly describe the role of an IT manager



Briefly describe the role of an IT manager.

-What is a service-oriented architecture (SOA)?

-What is the purpose of a network baseline?

-Identify and explain the two different methods used to develop and implement new technology projects.

-What are the three major categories included in the planning phase of IT projects?

-Identify and explain the areas of security concern for IT security.

1-2 paragraphs 

-Explain the differences in skill sets required for IT technical personnel and for entry level IT managers.

-How would you establish and maintain relationships with other business units within the company?

- Compare the advantages and disadvantages of two methods of end-user support.

-What is user application development (UAD)?  Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of UAD.

-What is the long-term effect on a company by consistently underfunding IT projects or the IT capital budget?

-Discuss business continuity planning and the steps necessary to create one.

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