Critically analyse the concept of risk ---as applied to how it can be measured and ranked>>




    Overall Task Requirements:>>

    A. Critically analyse the concept of risk ---as applied to how it can be measured and ranked>>

    B. Applied Case:  How a project risk management strategy may be constructed for an international telecommunications project involving stakeholders in Europe, Saudi Arabia, and the United States.>>

    NOTE: Both theoretical and practical risk management strategies and how these can assist in minimising risk for your project.>>

    Structure of the Paper:
    *Cover page>>

    -----Student identity number to the header of each page of your report but not the name,
    -----Module title,
    -----Assignment title,>>

    -----Declaration of originality,>>

    -----Word count (effective -- maximum word count is 3000 words (+/- 10%)>>

    NOTE: Not included in effective word count -- title page, contents page, reference section, appendices

    *An abstract (300 words max, one single paragraph)
    NOTE: See separate post on the elements of an Abstract. Note: Be sure your abstract does not sound like the Introduction to the paper. It is often best to write it last.
    *Table of contents ---with page numbers and sub-topic headers.
    *Main Body of the paper NOTE: Topic Headers are required as they are part of Harvard Formatting.


    You are required to critically analyze the concept of risk:>>

    --How it can be measured and ranked;>>

    --How a project risk management strategy may be constructed for the International Telecommunications Company your selected which must have stakeholders in Europe, Saudi Arabia, and the United States.>>

    NOTE: the use of diagrams, illustrations, tables, graphics must be included in your critical analysis and not placed in the appendix.  Cutting and pasting these items from an article is not sufficient---they must be thoroughly vetted in your critical analysis as to their relevance point by point.

    *References list (not a Bibliography)- this is mandatory at Master level
    NOTE: All references in the list must be current (published post-2000) and appear in the body of the paper using in-text citations. Example: (author, year)

    **Turnitin Score: Under 24% **
    --The Turnitin score reflects how much of your paper is your original analysis versus the work of an author. The best way to keep your score within range (under 24%) is through proper in-text citations and saying things in your own words. This is an international software product standard---all universities use it---so if you posted this same paper at another university (for example) it is going to show up in the report.
    --Is this important? Yes, this deals with plagiarism and the university has stringent rules surrounding this topic. When I mark your paper---I check the Turnitin report.
    --Please note---if I can see an issue---you can see an issue---and so can the review committee. Potential issues are referred to the plagiarism team for review---once this referral occurs---I am out of the loop.>>

    **Criterion Marking** (see large matrix chart with the criteria points within each of these items)
    Use of Theory--30%>>

    ---NOTE: Theoretical and Applied--see the "Star" post which reviews theory examples>>

    Examples -- 30%>>

    ---NOTE: These originate in the valid topic literature & the company case you select>>

    Quality of Argument: 10%>>

    ---NOTE: Critical analysis versus description--see the "Star" post>>

    Reference to Course ideas: 10% >>

    ---NOTE: This is not referencing course videos/materials but taking course topics and supporting them with valid references.
    Citations and References: 10%>>

    ---NOTE: This is key as it is not possible to score well in the Use of theory or Examples without the use of correct citations and referencing--see the "Star" post "Referencing Basics"; Also included is the accuracy of spelling and grammar.>>

    Conclusions 10%>>

    ---NOTE: A conclusion is a result of the critical analysis versus a summary of the paper key points.>>

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