Building an Access Control System




Colleges and universities should provide a safe and security campus. they should make sure

that all buildings on campus have the best security technology to protect visitors and students

and assets on the property. As a project manager, we have to install an access control system

(ACS) in the dormitory of the college. Along with a team, we will develop a project scope for

all tasks that need to be completed and estimate how much time each tasks will take to perform.

Afterwards, a Gantt chart will be creates, that represent a set of tasks. finally, we will create a

system diagram to illustrate all the equipments and connections that are required for this project.

Project Scope Statement 

The Information Security team at Small University has been given the project to install

an access control system (ACS) from Dynamics Security in a dormitory. This access control

system is needed to provide increased security to the students and decrease the access of

unauthorized students to their respective dormitories. The scope of this project is to develop an

access control system. The project shall include services and parts pertaining to design,

installation, operation, maintenance, repair and support of a complete access control system. The

ACS will automatically unlock the doors via an electronic proximity reader and integrate with an

existing security camera system. The existing cameras are designed to face and rotate to record a

person as they use their identification card to unlock the doors.

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