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Assignment: Write a Complete Research Paper with Citations and References (6-8 pages)

In this assignment, you will put all the pieces together, requiring that you go back and review several elements:
- How to cite and use the proper "in text" format
- How to write clearly and succinctly
- How to avoid common mistakes in grammar, construction, and format
- How to create a properly formatted list of References
Use this format and please include a cover sheet for this assignment.
I. Introduction and Research Questions 
II. Hypothesis* these sections are already done!
III. Body of the Paper 
IV. Conclusions 
V. References 
You should be ready to write a good short research paper

there asking for all of the papers to come to together can you help with that

Can you help with putting all them together most of it is written I need help on the editing of the paper making it one also there were many world that were spelled wrong I have included all the information in the docs 

Instruction Files

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