Explains any potential ethical implications when proposing mitigation risk solutions



Application: Plush Packet Institute of Technology

Analyzes the state laws you selected and explains any additional compliance required of PPIT

Evaluates IT governance risks

Proposes solutions for mitigating IT governance risks

Explains any potential ethical implications when proposing mitigation risk solutions

IT governance is concerned with oversight and accountability. It ensures that information security is used properly to support business goals, especially strategic ones. Strong governance is effective and yields comprehensive security policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines. Conversely, poor governance can result in any number of problems that include breaches, fines/penalties, and compliance problems. How does an organization ensure strong IT governance?

Please read the Case Study: Plush Packet Institute of Technology document located in this week’s Learning Resources before proceeding.

The Board of Directors for the Plush Packet Institute of Technology (PPIT) has hired you as the new Director of IT. Because PPIT does not have any formal IT policies in place and it is opening a second PPIT in another state, the board is concerned about PPIT’s security posture. The board recognizes that you are new to the organization and has prioritized your assignments. The top two priorities are complying with information security laws in the new state and analyzing governance risks (i.e., the risks that might prevent effective governance). Therefore, the board has asked for a report that addresses these priorities.  

To prepare for this Assignment, find two information security laws from two different states (assume PPIT already operates in one of these states and will open their second school in the other state).

For this Assignment, write a 4- to 6-page report in APA format that: 

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