C++ Programming.

computer science


Overview of the project

In this assignment you will practice with Big-O (and Big-Omega and Big-Theta), analyze

the running time of small pieces of code, create and then run empirical tests on simple

methods and write your first C-program,

1 Part 1. Analyzing running time.

This section has two parts, the first part asks you to state whether each of the following

equalities are true or false; the second part asks you to provide a proof for some of the


1.1 True/False

Please create HW3Part1a.txt text file. Do NOT put your name and ID so that we can

grade this file automatically. You You should put the number of the question followed by

either the word True or False. One answer per line. Eg: Please follow this format.

1. True

2. False

You should use the true (not abused) meaning of Big-O (and Big-Omega), not just the

tightest bound.

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