Code programming Assignment

computer science


It was noted early in this Module that the core skill for programming is cultivating a problem-

solving mentality and the ability to break down complex tasks into simple, logical steps. Once

you are able to do this well, you can more easily program several different coding languages by

learning the syntax comparable to the languages you already know. In fact, your Lecture Notes

even point out many of the similarities between PHP and the JavaScript you used in past

Discussions and Assignments.

Beyond script similarities, you might find the content of this Discussion familiar as well. When

learning programming, one of the first challenges fledgling programmers take is to display the

text ‘Hello, World’ on the screen when you execute the code. This week, you are creating such

an application using a PHP script. If you developed such code before, but in a different language,

the problem-solving nature of this challenge should be more or less the same, but the syntax is

obviously different (at least in some instances).

The document should be 600–700 words, though you will be marked based on the quality of your writing, not on the number of words. No plagiarism and at least 6 or 7 references in Haward style.

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