Coffee in Sub-Saharan Africa Research Proposal Assignment



Topic: Coffee in Sub-Saharan Africa Research Proposal Assignment: Natural Sciences & Technology

  • JSTOR including Life Sciences Collection Great for biology, environmental science.
  • BioOne BioOne is our biology focused source. Great for animals (be sure to search using the scientific name).
  • GreenFile Environmentally focused, GreenFile covers information about the human impact on the environment.
  • Medline is a government-sponsored database of articles about medicine and health-related topics. NOT full-text.
  • Health Source (Nursing/Academic Edition) Another health-based database.


Please answer the following questions about your potential social sciences topic.  Refer to the Research Proposal examples for models and be sure to review the guidelines below.

Topic: I am investigating current and ongoing research on this focused science topic within our geographic region of Sub Saharan Africa: (see Prezi at bottom of Topics page on Research Guide):

Questions: Here are three focused questions I have about my topic:

Research Question: My working research question/hypothesis is: (**see Prezi on Research Questions to the right of Social Science Topics on the Research Guide): 

Significance: Significance: The topic/problem is significant because . . . .(consider cause/effect, consequences, impact and influence of the topic)

My preliminary research shows me this about my topic:

Three or more keywords and phrases  to help search for sources:

The scientific name  for my topic (or jargon of this subject area) include:

Working Bibliography: Initial Working Bibliography (6-8+ potential sources; APA citations). Limit Web sites to no more than 40%. Limit sources to 1990-2014:


-No more than one source should be a reference work such as Credo or Britannica.

-At least four (4) of your sources should include or be based on statistics, observation, case study, survey results, or other field research*.  *Note that this does NOT mean you will be conducting field research. But the sources you use should be based on the results of field research.

-Specialized databases for natural sciences include :

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