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Comment on Post of Steffany Rowen

Rowen mentions the viewpoint of empiricists on truth that is truth should be based on

observations and it should be subjective in nature. The phrase “subjective” signifies anything that

is based on personal tastes, viewpoint or feelings. However, I do not agree with this thing since

generally people considers those aspects as a truth that have any proof and explained with the

factual examples. Observations can either be true or wrong. In addition, dissimilar people may

have dissimilar observations. Therefore, observations cannot be considered as base for truth.

However, I consent with Rowen on the aspect that those in power shape the knowledge in

manners that maintains the existing circumstances since usually people do not consider or pay

full attention to the views of the less powerful persons.

Comment on Post of Tatianna Leeks

I consent with the Leeks on the aspect that the valid or proved experiments or

observations are considered as truth. Leeks states believe of Empiricists that just scientifically

tested and valid observations are considered as truth. In addition, I consent with the statement

that approach of empiricism is more quantitative, not like interpretive that is more analytical and

qualitative. Leeks mention the critical theory and states that it is based on 3 significant aspects

that are: normative, practical, and explanatory. I also consent on this thing since researchers are

initially required to construct realistic solutions to any problem and then they can respond to that

problem. I also believe that statement of Leeks that Empiricists do not consider any statement to

be true until it is tested and validated.

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