An Introduction to Panera Bread Company assignment help



This individual assignment is a strategic audit of Panera Bread Company.  "A strategic audit provides a checklist of questions by area or issue, that enables a systematic analysis to be made of various corporate functions and activities". A strategic audit is a detailed case analysis in outline form. 

Suggested format of your analysis:

  • Include a cover page to your paper. 
  • Prove an Introduction to Panera Bread Company.
  • Address the following main topics for the strategic audit:
  • Provide a Conclusion paragraph that summarizes the main points in your paper. 
  • A Reference Page should follow the text of your paper to show all the resources you used in analyzing your case.

     I. Current Situation

     II. Strategic Managers

     III. External Environment

     IV. Internal Environment

     V. Analysis of Strategic Factors

     VI. Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Strategy

     VII. Implementation

     VII. Evaluation and and Control

You should be able to do an adequate analysis in 6-7 pages, including your cover page and references listing

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