Compare and contrast the DSM-V and the AA/NA/Alanon definitions of chemical dependence



The assignment was to attend an AA meeting and observe the people and what the meeting was like. This paper needs to be no less than 5 pages. Here is some details to include in it about different people I witnessed:

-Person 1: Got 27 drunk in public, grew up in the south and started drinking at age 14. Sober for 5 months, appears easily distracted.

-Person 2: Could not fully understand her, but she was interested in completing the 12 steps while going to overeaters anonymous.

-Person 3: discussed how AA changed his life, saved his marriage. Been sober for 25 years.

-please include only APA format and also define the 12 steos, and how community is so important in sobriety. Thank you

Thank you so much. I will ass a generous tip!


5. Write a 5-7 page paper using APA format (samples on-line) including the following items:

Include an introductory paragraph to your paper. Then summarize the events of the meeting. Include in your introduction, the date, time, place, and phone number of the meeting attended.  (5 points) : UNITY CLUB Address: 116 W Broad St b, Falls Church, VA 22046

Phone: (703) 534-9835. -I CAN DO THIS PART. please leave blank.

6. a. Compare and contrast the DSM-V and the AA/NA/Alanon definitions of chemical dependence

(5 points).

    b. Identify how support is given during and outside meeting times (5 points).

    c. Differentiate between this type of “peer support group” and a therapist run “psychotherapy group”   

             (10 points).

    d. Describe how this activity affected or challenged your beliefs, or preconceived ideas about treatment  

             offered by the group you visited. (10 points): was an eye opnener, before i didnt really know much about community and how helpful it is. can save lives.

    e. Article selections include 2-3 current references (within 5 years old) (5 points)

    f. Describe the group setting and participant dynamics (10 points)

    g. Identify any addictive or dependent behaviors you observed. (5 points)

    h. Conclusion statement (10 points)

7.  Format 5-7 pages, APA format, double-spaced, typed, 12-point font. Please pay careful attention to

spelling, grammar and punctuation. (10 points).

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