Complete the title page with all necessary student details and ensure that the signature of the student is marked in the declaration form.




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Complete the title page with all necessary student details and ensure that the signature of the student is marked in the declaration form.

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Assignment title Strategic Change Management

Assignment Task: Read the following Scenario, and prepare a Report with the guidelines provided. 

Scenario: Learners should select an organisation in which they are working/ or worked before/ or any other organisation of their choice.  The learner should discuss any major issue(s) related to strategic change which happened/ or is likely to happen within the chosen organisation, and thereafter develop model(s) for change, which helped/ or will help the organisation to bring out a smooth change in the business unit. The learner needs to also show how the organisation can lead its stakeholders in developing and adopting the strategy for change discussed above, as well as how they plan to implement the chosen model for change. The answers to the questions below will be written in the form of a report, which needs to start with an introduction, which will also clearly bring about the change envisaged and the background to change. Thereafter all questions should be answered in the report, followed by logical conclusions and recommendations

The report should include the following:

Executive Summary [8 Marks]

Introduction of the Chosen Organization and background to change [7 Marks]

Examine the need for change in the organization. Assess the factors that drive the need for strategic change and critically evaluate the resource implications for not responding to these changes. [30 Marks]

Explain any two change management models and evaluate the relevance of these models in the chosen organization. [20 Marks]

Develop a change management strategy involving the stakeholders, and also devise strategies to overcome resistance. [10 Marks]

The students need to address part 5 as a report as well as a PowerPoint presentation (max 10 slides and 10 minutes duration) clearly discussing the change management strategy and the implications for all relevant stakeholders. Strategies to overcome resistance must be identified and discussed comprehensively. Any videos embedded in the presentation should be a minute or less in duration and a reference list must be provided at the end of the ppt. The snippets of the ppts must be attached as appendix to the main word document. The students are going to be evaluated on 3 criteria; content, delivery and engagement. (15 Marks)

Conclusions and recommendations. [10 Marks]

References (Adhering to Harvard Referencing Format)

The report shall not exceed 6,000 words and should include relevant examples and illustrations.

TASK 01:  

Write this section at the end ideally giving an entire summary of the topic. 3 crisp paragraphs. (not be more than 250 words.) 

TASK 02: 

See Attch. 01_Sample Company Profile (175/200 words). For the background to change and change management- refer to journal articles to compile its importance, significance and definition. (200 words) 

TASK 03: 

Cover the following sub sections as discussed below (approx. 1750 words)

Need for Change_Identify and describe needs specific to your COMPANY-SWOT


Factors driving change_Again, explain in context of your industry/PESTLE 


Implications of ignoring change requirements_You will develop your own content for this describing what will happen if the required change is ignored. Financial, Human Resource, Capital/Assests, Brand

TASK 04: 

This section would be a generic internet study of any 2 change management models. Refer to the PDF discussed in the module kit under recommended readings folder. Use diagrams. Bring out your analysis in context to the organization you have chosen. Give relevant in-text citations (approx. 1750 words)

TASK 05: 

Change Capsule (Nature+Intervantion level+Perspective 

Linking to the MckKinsey 7 s framework/Kurt Levin’s/JohnKotters/ADKAR Model 

Stakeholder Involvement





Strategies to overcome resistance Refer to the Resistance Curve and explain how will you tackle it. You may mention what leadership style would you use. 

TASK 06: 

Here summarize the entire work and lead your recommendations and suggestions (1700 words)

TASK 07 

Provide the reference list


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