conduct three statistical analyses on your own



1) You need to collect some data - at least 50 datapoints (preferably 100-200) on at least two (related) topics so you can compare and contrast them. each student collects some data from a company and performs three hypothesis tests or confidence intervals on this data. 

2) You need to conduct three statistical analyses on your own, making sure to adhere to the following rules: i) you need to do something with an average, something with a proportion, and something with a variance, ii) you need to do at least one analysis with one population and at least one analysis with two population, and iii) you need to do at least one analysis with a confidence interval and at least one one analysis with a hypothesis test. If you have no inspiration, the professor can assign three analyses to you upon request ;-)

3)It should consist of a PDF file that contains 1) a general introduction to the data you used and the analyses you conducted, 2) analysis 1, 3) analysis 2, and 4) analysis 3.


Regarding the type of analysis which could be done, these are the general rules:

- number of preformed analyses must be three;

- you are to do one analysis on proportions, one on means, and one on variances;

- you are to perform at least one hypothesis test, and at least one confidence interval (the third one could be of your choice);

- you are to do alt least one analysis about two samples and at least one analysis about one sample (the third one is up to you).

Can you make it? I have also added an example 

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