Construct diagrams of the following arguments

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Construct diagrams of the following arguments. Make sure that you explicitly state what each number stands for by writing it out in full (e.g. 1=…, 2=…), and that you are completely clear about what each arrow points to. If you are typing your answers, feel free to use underline to indicate dependent premises, and to use /, , and | in place of arrows, if arrows are difficult on your word processor. 1. A single payer healthcare system is morally necessary for two reasons. First, with any other health care system, the least well off are unable to get the care that they need, and we are morally obligated to care for the least well off. Second, if it has been proven that universal healthcare systems significantly reduce the cost of healthcare, and the skyrocketing healthcare costs are crippling our economy. 2. We shouldn’t eat meat because animals are capable of feeling pain and we shouldn’t eat anything that is capable of feeling pain.

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