Critique an industry-related article and provide a summative analysis based on article content.



Week 4 Assignment: Industry Article Analysis


Critique an industry-related article and provide a summative analysis based on article content.


Students will be required to analyze a recent article involving a sponsorship agreement between two parties. 

Steps involved:

Research a recent article that discusses a recent sponsorship transaction between two parties within the sports/entertainment/event industry.

Answer the following questions:

Sponsorship Parties: Who are the parties involved in the deal?

Sponsorship Terms: What are the terms of the deal?

Target Audience: Who is the target audience of the sponsor?(i.e. females ages 18-24).Keep in mind sponsorship is a form of target marketing.

Sponsorship Alignment: Research both organizations involved in the deal.In your estimation do you believe the companies align?Please provide your explanation with consideration of the following variables

    • Company mission statements
    • Company values or guiding principles
    • Corporate social responsibility

Sponsorship Activation: Discuss the sponsorship activation detail.What creative elements are involved in the activation plan (i.e. experiential marketing, social media applications, etc.)

Sponsorship Evaluation: Will specific measurement or analytic tools be utilized to assess sponsorship return-on-investment?

Personal Assessment: Do you believe this is a fair and equitable deal for both parties? How will each party benefit as a result of the deal?

Link to Article: Please include the link to the article

Submission Instructions

  • Your submission must be a Word Document and include all of the following:
  • Cover page including name, date, course, and name of assignment
  • Use 12 font
  • Write out each question and type your answers below each question
  • Save the document and submit the assignment in ulearn
  • Assignment should be 2-4 pages in length

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