Current Flood Risks



Writing Assignment: Current Flood Risks

Check out this useful weather map to see what kind of weather is happening around the U.S. right now. You will see areas under flood watch in dark green and areas under flood warning in light green. If you click any area shown to be under a flood watch or a flood warning, you will get a weather report for that area.

  1. Select ONE of the flood areas on the map at high risk, read its weather report, and look around on the Internet, if necessary, to find out why that area is under a current flood risk.
  2. After doing your research, create a 30-second radio announcement to warn people about the flood risk in the area.
  3. Tell them the type of flood they are likely to experience, what is causing it, and how to be safe during and after the flood.
Submit your radio script or podcast to the Writing Assignment: Current Flood Risks assignment link for grading. For more information on how this assignment will be graded view the Rubric.

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