Design a class named Pet, which should have the

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Design a class named Pet, which should have the following fields: Name – The name field holds the name of a pet. Type – The type field holds the type of animal that is the pet. Example values are “Dog”, “Cat”, and “Bird”. Age – The age field holds the pet’s age. The Pet class should also have the following methods: setName – The setName method stores a value in the name field. setType – The setType method stores a value in the type field. setAge – The setAge method stores a value in the age field. getName – The getName method returns the value of the name field. getType – The getType method returns the value of the type field. getAge – The getAge method returns the value of the age field. Once you have designed the class, design a program that creates an object of the class and prompts the user to enter the name, type, and age of his pet. This data should be stored in the object. Use the object’s accessor methods to retrieve the pet’s name, type, and age and display this data on the screen. You are to submit the following for the assignment: Submit your Java source code that you generated from RAPTOR. Also submit the RAPTOR file (flowchart) of your working program with comments added to each line or where necessary to explain program flow. Make sure you run it to make sure it is error free and does what it is supposed to. You can use the generate dropdown to create example JAVA code based on your working logical flow chart to see what the code would look like. Remember to follow the guidelines of good program design. Make sure to use meaningful variable names and include comments as needed.​

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