Development Change



Research Methods

This Assignment measures your ability to outline research methods. There are many

research designs that are used in developmental research. As discussed in

textbook Infants, Children and Adolescents, longitudinal, cross-sectional and sequential

designs are used to assess developmental change and to explore developmental topics

and changes over time.

This Assignment is composed of two parts:

Part 1:

Think about what you would like to learn about developmental change; then create your

own research question that would require using either a longitudinal, cross-sectional, or

sequential design. In one page, write out your question and explain which design would

be most appropriate to answer the question and why.

Part 2:

Go to the Kaplan online Library and find one longitudinal, cross-sectional, or sequential

research article that studies development in infants, children, or adolescents. Be sure

that the article that you find is an empirical peer-reviewed article, with an abstract,

purpose, methods, results, and a conclusion. If you are unsure about your article choice

or have difficulty finding an appropriate article, please contact your instructor for help.

For part 2 you must google (The growth and development of children born to adolescent

mothers in Taiwan) the authors will be (Wei-Ya Wu1,2, Chi-Rong Li3, Ching-Ping Kuo3, Yi-

Chen Chiang4 and Meng-Chih Lee1,5*)

Write a two-page summary of the research. Be sure to address the following questions

in your summary:

  •  What was the research question the author was investigating in the study?
  •  How did the author(s) conduct the research? What methods were used?

Be sure to name the research design (longitudinal, cross-sectional, or


  •  What conclusions were made based on the research?

Clearly identify your chosen article by citing it within the text of the summary and

referencing it on a reference page

  •  Please type your Assignment using 12-point Times New Roman font and


  •  This Assignment should be three pages, not including the title page or

reference page.

  • You must provide a citation using APA format in the form of in-text

citations for any sources used.

  •  Remember to include a title page at the start of, and a reference list at the

conclusion of, your Assignment.

Must be in APA Format

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